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This is a plugin to generate and use issue templates, and its objective is to support user's issue creation work.

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Demo site

Demo site: (For maintenance reason, this site may down irregularly.)



  • Since 0.0.8, supported global issue templates.
    • Now only Administrator can associated global templates with each project.
  • It works as project module.
  • Member who has "Manage Template" right can create issue templates based on trackers.
    • Also add help message for templates, because the way to use templates may be different between projects.
  • Member who has "Use Template" right can see the template and use them when creating new issue.
  • Child project can use inherited templates from parent project. (Since ver 0.0.6)

Plugin installation

  1. Copy the plugin into the vendor/plugins directory
  2. Migrate plugin: rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  3. Start Redmine
  4. Enable the module on the project setting page.

Uninstall plugin

Run rake task

  • rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_issue_templates VERSION=0

Above rake task will remove the related records to redmine_issue_templates from schema_migration table.
In additon to this, issue_templates and issue_template_settings tables will be also removed.

Manual uninstall

In some situation, rake task to uninstall may be failed. To uninstall plugin manually, please remove these records and tables from your database.

  • Remove records from schema_migration table related to issue_templates.
    • DELETE FROM schema_migrations WHERE version LIKE '%redmine_issue_templates';
  • Drop issue_templates and issue_template settiongs.
    • DROP TABLE issue_templates; DROP TABLE issue_template_settings; DROP TABLE global_issue_templates;

Permission Settings (as Redmine Admin)

Now this plugin works as project module, and three permissions are defined.

  1. Show template
  2. Edit template
    • Right to create/edit templates.
  3. Manage template
    • Right to add help message for templates, such as usage of templates.

(!) Note: These templates are available only for its project.
(!) Note: Only Redmine administrator can set ermissions for issue templates.

Permission settings in Administrator menu

Enabled Issue Templates as Project Module

Now this plugin works as project module.
So, project manager needs to check this plugin at project module settings page for activation.

Set as Project module.

Usage & Screen shots

Use templates

User who has "show templates" permission can use templates when creating issue.
First, enable, selectable templates related with the tracker are shown as pulldown menu.

Select template from pulldown, ajax request is posted and template body is loaded into issue description field.

At the New issue page.

NOTE: Since templates are associated with a tracker, that template pulldown menu i changed if the tracker is changed at then new issue page. And if selected tracker has no associated templates, issue template pulldown is blank. ( only "---" text is shown.)

Create/Edit templates

To access create / edit templates menu, click "Issues" or "New Issue" project tab, and you can see the menu at the sidebar.

Click "Add template" and the form for creating template will be shown.

And each template is related to some tracker, so that if you change tracker of new issue, template pulldown is also reloaded and updated related to the tracker.

Sidebar menu

(!) Note: This is not shown without "show templates" permission.

Manage project templates

Now this is optional setting.
Who has manage template permission can set custom help message for template usage on his/her project.

This help message will be shown on the "New Issue" page, beside template pulldown.

Here is a screenshot of custome template help message.

Change Template order

In case a tracker has some related templates, you can reorder template on index page.

Default template setting

If a template marked as default, template text will be loaded when tracker is changed on creating issue page.

For example, Bug tracker has 3 templates and "Bug3 default" template is marked as default.

At the new issue page, when user selects Bug tracker, soon default template text is appended to description field.

Global template setting

Administrator can make global templates from Admiistration menu, and associate global templates with each project.

Known restrictions

  • Global templates can not be associated with each project from project settings tab. (Now only Administrator do this work)
  • Global template is not defined as a default template.

Future plannning / Feedback

Known issue


  • Template for note/journal. (Optional)
  • Custom fields support. (Maybe this is implemented another way, such as copy from base issue)


  • Feedback would be appreciated. You can send from issue tracker on bitbucket or tracker on this project.
  • Translations, ui idea, css are also appreciated.

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