Plugin Usage

testlink(testcase) Macro

Writes macro like this format:

    {{testlink(KEY, ID)}}

In KEY, describes the key which specifies a link target.
The testcase macro is the one omitted case key.

Specifies an object ID of a target by ID.
An object ID of test case is found out at once, but Others is not.
Finds it from page adress and so on.

The link target which can be used is following:

Key Link target Remarks
case Test case
suite Test suite
project Test project TestLink 1.8 or later
plan Test plan
milestone Milestone
build Build target
cfield Custom field
keyword Keyword infomation
user User infomation


  {{testlink(case, sample-1)}}
  {{testlink(suite, 2)}}
  {{testlink(project, 1)}}
  {{testlink(plan, 5)}}
  {{testlink(milestone, 1)}}
  {{testlink(build, 1)}}
  {{testlink(cfield, 1)}}
  {{testlink(user, 1)}}

Link to test results

If The version of TestLink is 1.8 or later, You can link to a test reslut.

    {{testlink(KEY, ID [, ...])}}
    {{testreport(ID, PLAN_ID [, OUTPUT_ITEM, ...])}}

The testreport macro is the one omitted report key respectively.

The arguments since then ID change with the specified key.

The link target for test results is following:

KEY Link target Remarks
report Test report ID need two. Enable output items
planreport Test plan report ID need two. Enable output items
metrics Metrics
result Test result Enable status
graph Graph of test result

Keys of report and planreport need two ID (ID, PLAN_ID) arguments.
And can be given output items after them.

OUTPUT_ITEM Description report planreport
toc Table of Contents OK OK
header Test Suite description OK OK
summary Test Case Summary OK OK
body Test Case Scenario OK OK
author Test Case Author OK OK
keyword Test Case keywords OK OK
cfields Test Case Custom Fields OK OK
passfail Test results OK
metrics Metrics OK
testplan Test Plan description OK

If omit output items, set default items which set in this plugin setting page.


  {{testlink(report, 2, 6)}}
  {{testreport(2,6, header, summary, toc, body, cfields, author, keyword, passfail, metrics)}}
  {{testlink(planreport, 2, 6)}} 
  {{testlink(planreport, 2, 6, header, summary, toc, body, cfields, author, keyword, testplan)}}
  {{testlink(metrics, 6)}} 
  {{testlink(graph, 6)}}

Argument of result

In the result case, A status of test case is given after ID argument, and The output result is filtered.
If omits status, show test cases of all status.

  {{testlink(result, ID, STATUS)}}
STATUS Description
f Failed Test Cases
b Blocked Test Cases
n Not run Test Cases


  {{testlink(result, 6)}}
  {{testlink(result, 6, f)}}

Macros(testfile) for file download

testfile macro links to output file in MS Word form, MS Excell and so on.
(TestLink 1.8 or later)

Writes macro like this:

    {{testfile(FORMAT_NAME, KEY, ID [, ...])}}

This macro is same as testlink except first argument(FORMAT_NAME) specified format type.
Enable KEY are changed by a specified format name.

OpenOffice Writer odt report, planreport
OpenOffice Calc ods metrics, result
MS Word doc report, planreport
MS Excel xls metrics, result


  {{testfile(odt, report, 2,6)}}
  {{testfile(odt, planreport, 2, 6, header, summary, toc, body)}} 
  {{testfile(ods, metrics, 6)}} 
  {{testfile(ods, result, 6)}}
  {{testfile(ods, result, 6, n)}}

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