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Plugin cannot trigger a parameterized build

Added by Nicolas Bachschmidt about 11 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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When a job is configured to perform parameterized builds, the plugin fails to trigger a build.

The request uses the 'build' action that returns the list of the parameters with HTTP status 405. Parameterized builds can be triggered with the 'buildWithParameters' action (which, unfortunately doesn't work with non-parameterized builds).

Unless Hudson/Jenkins teams provide a single action to launch both parameterized and non-parameterized builds, the plugin should be able to use the right action.

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Updated by Toshiyuki Ando over 10 years ago

how to build with parameters => Parameterized Build - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki

  • All parameters need to be properly URL-escaped. To use with wget, quote the URL on the command line too.
  • The parameter delay=0sec can be added to start the build immediately.
  • To use a Run Parameter, the value should be in the format jobname#buildNumber (eg. "&MyRunParam=foo-job#123")
  • If you are using an authorization token to trigger the builds (Job -> Configure -> 'Build Triggers' -> 'Trigger builds remotely (e.g., from scripts)'), you can access:

what is Run Parameter ?

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Updated by Toshiyuki Ando over 10 years ago

sample of config.xml is below.


it is too many types for first step.... ;<

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Updated by cforce cforce over 9 years ago

Whts is the solution? DI i put the paremtrized ULR in the plugins ULR filed in settings?

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Updated by cforce cforce about 9 years ago

How do i make the redmine hudson plugin to call another urls than just "/jenkins/job/myjob/build" whejn i click on the Run button in the redmine hudson job ???
Where can i configure http parameters?

What is the solution , i don't understand your comments towards a solution to be able to have a one click job start from redmine hudson plugin..?

He is my erro when i click the Run Button on a paramterized build job

Build fehlgeschlagen. - Tool_Trunk
server errror
NG: HudsonApiError: HudsonJob::request_build 'ZBV_Tool_Trunk' - Unknown Fehler incorrect header check


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