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12:49 AM Hudson Defect #878: Plugin cannot trigger a parameterized build
How do i make the redmine hudson plugin to call another urls than just "/jenkins/job/myjob/build" whejn i click on th... cforce cforce


05:49 PM Mobile Face Defect #1275 (新規(New)): css/theme does not work?
Ur lately last commits damaged the css/theming. All looks like plain html without andy theming.
I already cleared c...
cforce cforce


01:22 AM Hudson Defect #1261 (新規(New)): build artefacts are not shown
I can't see the package smybol and build artefacts for maven multo moduel projects, We don't build the modules istelf... cforce cforce
01:20 AM Hudson Defect #1260 (新規(New)): build don't starts running altough plugin confirms with "Build Accepted. - "
I confogurd all settings and can see history and test reuslt, jobs cfg ..
When i click on run (user configure is all...
cforce cforce
01:16 AM Hudson Defect #878: Plugin cannot trigger a parameterized build
Whts is the solution? DI i put the paremtrized ULR in the plugins ULR filed in settings? cforce cforce


03:49 PM Wiki Extensions Defect #1245: redmine_tags plugin と共存できない
Same here. Please fix sooN! cforce cforce


01:41 AM Mobile Face Defect #1244 (解決(Resolved)): 403 when accessing "News" which is not available as module
The menu always shows news entry but the module is not active in this project, which causes 403
It shall only show...
cforce cforce
01:37 AM Mobile Face Defect #1243 (新規(New)): Error loading page when accessing issue - missing template
Using redmine 2.3.1 and plugin Revsiion 70... cforce cforce


08:31 PM Mobile Face Feature #1241 (新規(New)): de locale
cforce cforce


12:41 AM Mobile Face Defect #1149: "MissingTemplate (Missing template common/error " calling "wiki" view
Thats, sad :( . Its looking really good so far. cforce cforce

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