Redmine Wiki Extensions Plugin

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This plugin adds usefull wiki macros into your Redmine.




  1. Copy the plugin into the vendor/plugins directory
  2. Migrate plugin: rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production
  3. Start Redmine
  4. Enable the module on the project setting page.


This macro creates footnotes*1 in wiki pages.


{{fn(word, description)}}:


This site is {{fn(Redmine, One of the best project management tool.)}} site.

"This site is Redmine*2 site."

You can see footnotes on the bottom of this page.

Adding comment form

You can add a comment form in a page.


{{comment_form}} displays the comment form in a page. And {{comments}} macro displays the list of comment.

  • Added by Haru Iida about 15 years ago

    This is a sample of comment.

    • Added by sundisb billaaa over 11 years ago

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  • Added by Haru Iida about 15 years ago

    Of course you can use Wiki format

Link to the page of other projects.


You can create the link to the page of other projects.


  • {{wiki(project_name, wiki_page)}}
  • {{wiki(project_name, wiki_page, alias)}}
  • {{wiki(project_identifier, wiki_page)}}
  • {{wiki(project_identifier, wiki_page, alias)}}

Link to other projects


You can create the link to projects.


  • {{project(project_name)}}
  • {{project(project_name, alias)}}
  • {{project(project_identifier)}}
  • {{project(project_identifier, alias)}}


The project of Wiki Extensions Plugin is {{project(Wiki Extensions, here)}}.

"The project of Wiki Extensions Plugin is here."

New macro



  • {{new(yyyy-mm-dd)}}
  • {{new(yyyy-mm-dd, expire)}}

Displays the string "new" if specific date does not expired. Default of expire is 5 days.



You can see the tag input form at the bottom of the wiki editing page. You can add several tags to each wiki pages.

And {{tagcloud}} macro displays the tag cloud. so you can write this macro into SideBar like this site.

{{taggedpages(tagname)}} macro displays the list of pages which have specified tag.[10/05/2010]

{{taggedpages(tagname1[,tagname2..,tagnamen], project)}} macro displays the list of pages of project which have specified tags.[12/06/2010]

Editing Style Sheet


You can write CSS in the page named StyleSheet. This CSS is included in a HTML header of each page. Each page means every module of the project. not only wiki.
So. you can even create a project-specific theme.

And if you want to change a style of a part of the page, you can use following macros.

  • {{div_start_tag(id_name)}} is changed to、< div id="id_name">.
  • {{div_start_tag(id_name, class_name)}} is changed to< div id="id_name" class="class_name">.
  • {{div_end_tag}} is changed to < /div>.



Style of this line was changed.


Style of this line was changed.



If you create the page named "Footer", you can see it at the bottom of the every pages.

For example. If you want to add the comment form to every pages, you should write like below.



Comment notification


Watchers of wiki page can get notification if comment was added. You can configure about notification at Adminitistion -> Settings -> Email notifications.

Recently added pages


{{recent}} macro displays the list of the pages that were changed within last 5 days. If you specify the argument like {{recent(10)}}, it displays the pages that were changed within 10 days.

Displays the person who updated the page.


{{lastupdated_by}} macro displays the name of user who updated the wiki page.

Displays the time when the page was updated.


{{lastupdated_at}} macrodisplays the timestamp when the wiki page was updated.

Add tabs to project menu.


You can add project menu tabs that links to wiki page.

Displays the page of other site.


iframe macro displays the page of other site into the wiki page.


{{iframe(url)}} {{iframe(url, width, height)}} or {{iframe(url, width, height, scrolling)}}

scrolling is a value of scrolling option of iframe.[yes, no, auto]


Displaying wikipedia.

{{iframe(, 700, 400)}}

Access counter


{{count}} macro counts acesses to the wiki pages. You can write this macro into the wiki page that you want to count accesses. If you want to count accesses to all of the pages, you can write {{count}} to the Footer page.

{{show_count}} macro displays the count of the page.

{{popularity}} macro displays the list of the access counts. If you specify the number in the argument, ex. {{popularity(10)}}, displays the top 10 access list.

Auto preview


If you enabled this function, preview of wiki, forum and issue is displayed automatically. You can enable it on project setting page.


From Redmine 4.0, wiki edit area and preview area are displayed in another tabs and they couldn't displayed in same time. So this auto preview functionality was removed.

Sortable table


You can sort table items by clicking header.


fruits color
Apple Red
Banana Yellow
Mellon Green

twitter macro


{{twitter(username)}} macro links to tiwtter page.

ex.) {{twitter(haru_iida)}} -> @haru_iida

vote macro


{{vote(key)}} macro displays a link for vote. You must specify a "key" which is unique in the page.

APPLE {{vote(apple)}}

LEMON {{vote(lemon)}}

BANANA {{vote(banana)}}


APPLE vote 10698

LEMON vote 10486

BANANA vote 10281

{{vote(key,label)}} displays label insteadof string "vote".


{{vote(apple2, I like apples.)}}

{{vote(lemon2, I like lemons.)}}

{{vote(banana2, I like bananas.)}}


I like apples. 10976

I like lemons. 10644

I like bananas. 10649

List issues


ref_issues macro moves to wiki lists plugin



You can add emoticons to wiki page.:)

You can also use your original emoticons.

  1. Edit redmine_wiki_extensions/config/emocitons.yml
  2. Put your emoticon image into redmine_wiki_extensions/assets/images.
  3. Restart redmine.


This Emoticons toolbar doesn't work with Redmine 4.x.

new_page macro


{{new_page}} macro shows link for creating a new wiki page. You could put this macro on a side bar.

  • *1 footnotes:Notes of text placed at the bottom of a page.
  • *2 Redmine:One of the best project management tool.

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