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Add new term

Clicks the link of New term, moves to a term addition page.

Items description of a term


The name of a term.


The English name of a term.

This is the item for an interlinear translation table
of English and the other language.


This parameter is used for specifying Ruby annotations, which is used in East Asian typography.

Whole word for abbrevation

This parameter is used for a abbreved term such as FTP, in order to provide its expanned whole words.
It is displayed as the <abbr> tag in term macro.

Data type for coding

It implements the term with this data type for coding.

This is the item for an transformation dictionary of data type (class name).

Abbreviation for coding

Often establishes the coding rule in a company or project to to make it easy to read codes.
In the same way, unifying abbreviation of terms make it easy.

This is the item for unifying abbreviation in codes.


This is the item for categorizing terms.


This is the item for detailed explanation of a term.

Link to a term

The linking to the term can be taken using the macro.

The link target term is specified by a number or a term name.

  • {{termno(No.)}}
  • {{term(Name)}}
  • {{term(Name, Project_Identifer)}}


    {{term(foo, barproj)}}

When specifying a project in a term macro, it links a term in the project.
When omitting a project, it searches for the term in the current project.
If not found out, it searches other projects, too.

This macro can insert by pushing button with text box for wiki edit.


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