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10:11 PM Work Time Revision ae40b73e (git): Merge pull request #3 from csalom/_add_translations
Add ca & es translations Tomohisa Kusukawa


11:54 PM Work Time Defect #1502: redmine work time plugin fails
Thank you very much for your specific information.
I think it's cured, so try getting the latest plug-in with the "C...
Tomohisa Kusukawa
11:52 PM Work Time Defect #1502 (解決(Resolved)): redmine work time plugin fails
更新履歴 commit:git|3b0e2a0562bc96df1617bf99655494ef9c860b62 で適用されました。 Tomohisa Kusukawa
11:42 PM Work Time Revision 3b0e2a05 (git): fixes #1502 update fails cause by custom field
Tomohisa Kusukawa


06:19 PM r-labs Defect #1501 (終了(Closed)): redmine work time plugin fails
Tomohisa Kusukawa


12:41 AM Work Time Wiki edit: WorkTime (#50)
Tomohisa Kusukawa
12:17 AM Work Time Revision 2486f8d3 (git): Version 0.4.0
Tomohisa Kusukawa


12:29 AM Work Time Revision 76eef6f4 (git): Merge branch 'support-rails5'
Tomohisa Kusukawa
12:19 AM Work Time Revision 0f874227 (git): refs#1499 RAILS5 need to specify the rails release that migration was written for
Tomohisa Kusukawa
12:03 AM Work Time Support #1499 (新規(New)): support Redmine4.0 (Rails5)
support Redmine4.0 (Rails5) Tomohisa Kusukawa

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