Hudson Plugin

How to get

Latest version is 2.1.2

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latest =>
untile 1.0.7 =>

How to report issues

What's hudson?

Huson is application for Continuous Integration.
Easy install configuration, and good ui.

More detail Meet Hudson


Show Job List

  • Name, Description, Latest Build ( Build number, Result, Date ) and health report.
  • You can find jobs built today.
  • You can change description visibility dynamically.
  • Provide a link to Hudson, if plugin found keyword in Health Report.
  • Bulid number linked to build result page.
  • Download artifacts.
  • Click clock-icon, request hudson to build.
  • Mr. hudson appears. ( sorry, not emotional )
  • You can get job list by Atom. ( thanks! Akiko Takano )

Show Build History

click note icon, show build history

  • build number, result, date.
  • Bulid number linked to build result page.
  • Console icon linked to console page.

Show build history on activity.

  • jobname, build number, test-result(only number of items) and changesets.

Show build result on issue.

  • job-name, build-number, result and built date and time. when Hudson builds revisions associated issues.

Search issues related particular build

You can search issues related job and build using filter.
Plugin chases issues by taking following step.
Hudson Job -> Hudson Build -> Related Changeset -> Revision -> Issue
Hudson Build and Related Changeset are too much, so plugin limits number of Builds and Changesets per each Hudson Job.
You can change limit settings on settings/plugin/redmine_hudson.

rake task 'redmine_hudson:fetch'

You can get build results using rake task 'redmine_hudson:fetch'.
If you use rake task, please uncheck 'AutoFetch' setting.
You can change 'AutoFetch' setting on settings/plugin/redmine_hudson.

Clean up stored data

You can delete old data ( builds, changesets, test results ).
Settings are like Hudson.

  • rotate days ( 1day = keep today's data )
  • rotate nums

Settings for each projects

  • Hudson url (can use https)
    User can specify url separately, for plugin access and user access.
  • auth user, password ( 0.1.1 higher )
  • can stop plugin getting test results and changesets. (Getting test results and changesets needs a good amount of time.)
  • choose job
  • compact mode ( show only job name and latest build)
  • keyword and url for health report

Settings for plugins (all projects)

Go Administration -> Plugins -> 'Redmine Hudson Plugin' Configure.

  • You can choose format to write job description. HTML or Textile.
  • AutoFetch Mode. Plugin fetches information from Hudson during action 'index'.
  • Number of Builds per each Hudson Job. ( for search issues )
  • Number of Changesets per each Hudson Job. ( for search issues )

Support Language (thanks for contribute)

[de.yml] Jens Goldhammer, Florian Bartels
[es.yml] juancayetano.delgado
[fr.yml] Francois-Xavier CAUVIN, , Fabien Crespel
[hu.yml] Péter Major
[it.yml] Marco Bazzani
[ru.yml] Eugene Sirotkin
[zh.yml] Billy T

Install Instructions

Install plugin

  1. Copy the plugin into the vendor/plugins directory
  2. Migrate plugin: rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production
  3. Start Redmine

Enable plugin on project

  1. Move to Project settings
  2. Click 'Modules'
  3. Check the box 'Hudson', and save.

Edit Hudson settings

  1. Click 'Hudson' tab on the menu
  2. Click 'Settings' in sidebar
  3. Edit settings ( url, job... )

View jobs

  1. Click 'Hudson' tab on the menu (In first time, it takes long time)

Important reminder


Recommend Hudson 1.313
If you use old version of Hudson, plugin may not get test results and changesets.
Plugin store build information, if plugin can't get test results or changesets.
But, If plugin fail, never get test results, changesets again.

Using IE8

Please use Compatibility View in IE8.

Exclusive Control

Plugin has no exclusive control, so plugin doesn't work when redmine works on multi-process.
Hopefully i fix it.

Something is wrong with plugin

you should try to delete data from database.
Use 'delete history' button in setting page.



  • #1264 (Feature) use tree query parameter when plugin uses hudson api. (thanks, dborisyuk)
  • #1184 (Feature) [Patch] Add link to hudson server in sidebar
  • #1172 (Feature) French translation update for v2.1.1 (thanks, Fabien Crespel)
  • #1279 (Defect) Undefined method `add_available_filter' error with Redmine 2.2.1
  • #1258 (Defect) no issue filter item for hudson.
  • #1257 (Defect) gem 'simplecov' version is conflicted with redmine_backlogs
  • #1255 (Defect) plugin occurred error, when i choosed 'Plugin' from "look and feel"
  • #1253 (Defect) Plugin can't show build result on issue page, when project uses git
  • #1252 (Defect) cucumber failed, when i used latest gems.
  • #1212 (Defect) Gemfile conflicts with Redmine 2.3.0
  • #1188 (Defect) occurred internal error, when select jobs and save settings. (thanks, NAITHO and Akiko Takano)


  • #1162 (Proposal) redmine_hudson plugin Gemfile setting
  • #1160 (Defect) rake aborted! at "rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production" on ruby1.8.7
  • #1157 (Defect) gem 'simplecov' version is conflicted with code review plugin


  • #1153 (Defect) some language file uses old format.
  • #1147 (Defect) RoutingErrors for plugin assets.
  • #1128 (Proposal) Resolve conflict with backlogs
  • #1121 (Defect) Redmine 2.1.2 - Redmine_Hudson plugin 2.00 - ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `auth_user' for #<HudsonSettings
  • #1118 (Feature) Support Redmine2.1.x

  • #1036 Error when issue details with related commits in Redmine 1.4.x and Hudson Plugin 1.0.8


  • #947 (Feature) German translation updated. thanks Terence Miller!
  • #1010 (Defect) Does'nt work on Redmine1.4


  • #682 (Defect) Plugin has no license
  • #675 (Defect) db:migrate_plugins down failed
  • #713 (Defect) I checked "Plugin uses below url for access to hudson.", but textbox doesn't appear
  • #714 (Feature) Dutch translation
  • #769 (Feature) Russian translation

  • #563 (Defect) can't disable rotate, when enable 'rotate' with one job.
  • #515 (Defect) can't save job rotate settings with mysql 5.0.


  • #476 (Feature) Support Atom format (thanks! Akiko Takano)


  • #411 (Feature) Chinese translation
  • #387 (Defect) Error occurs when Hudson.Fetch fails by HudsonApiException
  • #386 (Feature) Localization for permission string


  • #367 (Defect) Error occurs when delete all history
  • #366 (Defect) Fail to save if new project settings have health report settings
  • #344 (Defect) Fail to save Health report settings

  • #318 (Defect) some tests failed
  • #316 (Defect) internal error occurres on issue page


  • #282 (Defect) unit and feature test failed with redmine 0.9.x or trunk
  • #304 (Defect) migrate_plugins failed with MySQL
  • #306 (Feature) User can specify url separately, for plugin access and user access
  • #314 (Feature) Italian translation


  • #198 (Feature) You can download artifacts.
  • #266 (Feature) Clean up stored data.
  • #267 (Feature) Search issues related particular build.
  • #235 (Defect) Hudson icon does not display in activitiy view with IE
  • #273 (Defect) Internal error occures when hudson has no response.
  • #276 (Defect) Translation missing occures on redmine0.9.x or trunk
  • #284 (Defect) When saving the settings for a project, get the exception.
  • #286 (Defect) Can't get changeset information.
  • #288 (Defect) Can't show build results on issue redmine0.9.x or trunk
  • #291 (Defect) db:migrate_plugins failed on PostgreSQL

  • #244 "rake db:migrate_plugins" doesn't work without rcov
  • #242 Build job and Build history doesn't work on Redmine 0.8.7


  • #228 Install Instructions
  • #225 You never can check off 'Show Compact'
  • #224 You can find jobs built today
  • #219 Can't get RSS on activity page, when check 'Hudson' box
  • #218 Anonymous can't see acitivity
  • #212 Plugin can't show latest build result


  • You can get build results using rake task 'redmine_hudson:fetch'
  • Choose format to write job description HTML or Textile
  • You can also change description visibility dynamically


  • Health report settings comes in useful.


  • Show build result on issue. Use Hudson icons.


  • Show build history on activity. Save infomation on database.


  • Fixed BasicAuth bug.


  • Fixed https-connection bug.


  • Support basic-authentication and https-connection.


  • First release

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